AlternativeAsset.co has been created by Anthony Johnson and Michael Edwards who together have over 40 years of experience working at senior analyst and top management level of London and New York-based fund management companies and hedge funds.

Our remit is to illustrate the current state of alternative assets around the globe including hedge funds, real estate, managed futures, commodities, forestry, venture capital, private equity and derivatives contracts. We also analyse and provide news on the global performance of alternative investments.

One of the defining characteristics that all alternative investments share is the lack of correlation with the performance of traditional investments, particularly stocks and bonds.

We are also involved in the monitoring and analysis of the progress of ‘impact investing’, an emerging alternative asset class defined as channeling substantial private capital towards socially beneficial projects. Whilst measurement of the return on impact investment is obviously important, we are also interested in the social returns of investments like microfinance and their ability to create a “pathway out of poverty”.