Amy McIntyre

japanese forestry investment women

An increase in women becoming involved in the forestry industry in Japan could be great for investors and the future of the country’s lumber market in general. According to a recent report by Japan Today, more and more women are working in the industry for a number of reasons, including the

Cannabis Colorado

A group of state legislators in Colorado want to open up the cannabis industry to investors from outside the state and even outside the US with the introduction of a new bill that will remove investment barriers. With new states adding themselves to the list of those legalising cannabis for

chinese art market

Wealthy Chinese investors are changing the face of art collecting and are spending more and more on a range of art styles. A recent report by CNBC talked about the trend for Chinese art collecting and investment and delved deeper into the types of art investors are now drawn to

greenhouse gas

A new initiative to increase engagement between investors and large multi-national corporations with regards to their contribution to climate change is likely to have a major impact in 2018. Around the two-year anniversary of the Paris Agreement, some 225 heavy-hitting investors, with a total of USD$26.3 trillion of assets under

Bitcoin investors

Bitcoin-based investments are now among the top five most-viewed items on the website of the UK’s largest broker. Hargreaves Lansdown, which has over a million clients, says that over the last few months, customers have become much more interested in investing in the popular cryptocurrency. Of the top five most-viewed

spain property real estate

After property investors lost million of euros in the crash of 2007-2008, the Spanish real estate market is once again an attractive prospect for those looking for alternative investments in 2018. Spain fell into a deep economic slump after the property bubble burst in 2007 and everyone, from large commercial

modligliani art investment

A new firm could help investors to more reliably predict returns on investment when purchasing works of art. Arthena is a start-up firm based in New York, which has attracted the backing of Y Combinator, Beamonte Investments and Foundation Capital and is working alongside Charles Schwab brokerage. It uses big

christmas tree demand

Investing in the business of growing Christmas trees could be a savvy move as demand for ‘greener’ real Christmas trees continues to outstrip supply. There has been much media coverage, this festive season, of the continuing shortage of Christmas trees. The supply problems stem from the fact that growers had

student accommodation investment

Students property investment has significant increased in the past 12 months thanks to a weak post-Brexit pound and the high occupancy levels offered by many of the UK’s university towns. According to a recent analysis conducted by Savills, investment in student property is set to reach £5.3 billion by the

forest space

The forestry industry plays an important role in the providing the world with energy, construction materials, paper and wood-based products, and as populations and standards of living increase, so does the demand for wood. This naturally puts the future of the earth’s protected forests in jeopardy. So what’s the solution?