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Buying Bitcoin now, while the prices are low and commentators are claiming the asset class has had its day in the sun, could be a wise move. This is according to Brian Kelly, the founder of BK Capital Management, who claims that the naysayers could be wrong and that alternative

canada timberland investment

A number of institutional investors around the world have increased their exposure to agriculture and timberland in a trend that is likely to continue into 2018, according to recent analysis by IPE Real Assets. Those involved in the tangible assets investment industry claim that yields have fallen for some categories,

London City investment

London has overtaken New York as the top city for real estate investments from foreigners, according to the latest report from the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate (AFIRE). AFIRE’s 2018 Foreign Investment Survey Report found that London has risen through the rankings from third to first choice among

Goldman Sachs’ investment clients will now have access to an online platform linking them up with commercial real estate opportunities thanks to a new tie-up between the bank and start-up Cadre. Some US$250m of investments from Goldman Sachs’ private clients has already been secured by Cadre, which offers those interested

alternative investment india

Investors in India are putting more and more cash into alternative investments, according to a new report from Preqin. There is now some US$43bn invested across a range of alternative asset classes in the country. These include private equity, hedge funds, private debt, real estate, venture capital and infrastructure. Although

female investor alternative 2018

Focusing on actual returns and investing in obscure asset classes could help alternative investors do well in 2018, according to a recent article written by an industry expert. Writing for Business Insider, Peter Douglas, a director at the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association (CAIA) Foundation, has set out his five

Climate change affecting investgment

Sustainability is going to play an increasingly important role in the future of investments, according to a recent report on the outlook of sustainable investments in 2018. In the Schroders Sustainability Outlook 2018 report, Global Head of Stewardship at the asset management firm, Jessica Ground, said that challenges presented by the impact

Investing in commodities continues to be a wise decision for 2018, according to investment bank Goldman Sachs, which has been flying the flag for the alternative asset class for some time now. The overriding reason for the bank’s bullishness is its prediction that commodity prices will continue to rise in

biomass projects

Private investment could hold the key to closing the gap between the amount of cash needed to help control climate change and the amount actually available. This is according to the CEO of a leading conservation organisation, who has written a piece on the subject for Forbes and the Huffington

private equity

The growing technology industry is creating new opportunities for lucrative private investments and a new breed of trust is allowing more liquid investments to take place. This is according to several high-profile asset managers as quoted in a recent Financial Times article on the topic. Private equity investments in unquoted