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According to a new report, private equity investments in developed marketplaces far outperformed those made in emerging markets over the second part of last year. The Cambridge Associates LLC Global ex US Developed Markets Private Equity and Venture Capital Index found that a far stronger Euro helped to boost the

One of the most respected wealth experts in the US has confirmed that forestry is a solid investment likely to yield strong returns. Dennis Moon, managing director of specialty asset management at US Trust Bank of America Private Wealth Management, spoke at CNBC’s business news programme, Power Lunch recently about

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According to new research, international buyers are planning to invest far more heavily into the US apartment property marketplace over the course of this year. The 24th annual survey of members of the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate (AFIRE) – which was conducted by the James A. Graaskamp

According to new research by an investment industry expert, factor investing is set to spark a major revolution in the investment management arena. According to Andrew Ang, the former Columbia Business School academic turned BlackRock employee, who headed up a risk management report for Norway’s sovereign wealth fund, factor investing

private equity investment

According to new research, investment in private equity is tipped to grow over the course of 2016, alongside a high level of deal flow. The recent survey was carried out by ACG New York, the biggest association for middle market dealmaking professionals in the city. The survey questioned 142 professionals

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The commodities sector looks set to offer one of 2016’s most compelling investment opportunities, according to industry experts. While the alternative asset class has not been strong in recent months due to a drop in oil prices and sugar, with copper and gold also falling, it looks as if 2016

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Macro funds are set to stay popular with hedge fund investors next year, in spite of the mixed bag of results they have seen this year. Reports from Reuters indicated that many funds are seeing strong levels of support for the alternative investments with clients keen to stick with the

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Private equity investment has never been short of attention. For institutional investors in particular, the pull of private equity as a supposedly less volatile route to profit is still strong. As global upheaval grows – a recent Citi Research report suggested that geopolitical unrest is at a 25-year high –

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  Investments into private equity reached records not seen since 2008 over the course of 2015, new research by investment advisory organisation Triago has found. Over the first three quarters of 2015, investments into private equity funds hit $364 billion, with a record $468 billion expected by the end of

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Far from being just an interest for environmentalists, the need to tackle climate change and deforestation has also become a hot topic among investors. Those looking at alternative investment vehicles are increasingly viewing forestry and timberland as a money-making option, with research suggesting that both the value and volume of