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japanese forestry investment women

An increase in women becoming involved in the forestry industry in Japan could be great for investors and the future of the country’s lumber market in general. According to a recent report by Japan Today, more and more women are working in the industry for a number of reasons, including the

canada timberland investment

A number of institutional investors around the world have increased their exposure to agriculture and timberland in a trend that is likely to continue into 2018, according to recent analysis by IPE Real Assets. Those involved in the tangible assets investment industry claim that yields have fallen for some categories,

Cannabis Colorado

A group of state legislators in Colorado want to open up the cannabis industry to investors from outside the state and even outside the US with the introduction of a new bill that will remove investment barriers. With new states adding themselves to the list of those legalising cannabis for

greenhouse gas

A new initiative to increase engagement between investors and large multi-national corporations with regards to their contribution to climate change is likely to have a major impact in 2018. Around the two-year anniversary of the Paris Agreement, some 225 heavy-hitting investors, with a total of USD$26.3 trillion of assets under

Climate change affecting investgment

Sustainability is going to play an increasingly important role in the future of investments, according to a recent report on the outlook of sustainable investments in 2018. In the Schroders Sustainability Outlook 2018 report, Global Head of Stewardship at the asset management firm, Jessica Ground, said that challenges presented by the impact

biomass projects

Private investment could hold the key to closing the gap between the amount of cash needed to help control climate change and the amount actually available. This is according to the CEO of a leading conservation organisation, who has written a piece on the subject for Forbes and the Huffington

christmas tree demand

Investing in the business of growing Christmas trees could be a savvy move as demand for ‘greener’ real Christmas trees continues to outstrip supply. There has been much media coverage, this festive season, of the continuing shortage of Christmas trees. The supply problems stem from the fact that growers had

forestry south america

The global impact fund TriLinc recently announced an additional £13 million investment in term loans and trade finance facilities to companies, including timber businesses, operating in Latin America. This will bring the total for financing commitments as of October 31st to £293 million worth of business expansion and socioeconomic developments

forest space

The forestry industry plays an important role in the providing the world with energy, construction materials, paper and wood-based products, and as populations and standards of living increase, so does the demand for wood. This naturally puts the future of the earth’s protected forests in jeopardy. So what’s the solution?

forestry climate change

A new report has found that although climate finance can be particularly effective in sectors such as renewable energy, funding is not efficient when it comes to protecting forests and the rights of the wildlife that inhabits them. According to Climate Focus’s “Finance for Forests” report, which examines how effectively