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pension hedge fund

New research has found that there is more pension money than ever before in hedge funds, despite it being almost two years since America's largest pension fund pulled its investments from the asset class. Pension funds have remained loyal to hedge funds following the move by the California Pension Employees’

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Health foods and drinks are big business and they’re set to get even bigger as regulations cracking down on high sugar content products gain popularity and consumer interest in health options rises. In the US, the city of Berkeley, California has already imposed a tax on soda and San Francisco

impact investments

According to an impact investment expert, the mode of investing could help to solve some of the "critical issues" of modern day life. Fran Seegull, the chief investment officer and managing director for the nonprofit financial services firm ImpactAssets, said that impact investing could be the key to solving some


A new report has revealed that 54 million Americans consider real estate to be their favoured long-term investment strategy, highlighting the zero-risk, zero-return mentality of many of today's investors. The report from found that 25 per cent of Americans saw real estate as their top investment option for savings