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forest landscape

The 2016 Global Landscapes Forum, recently held in London, highlighted the growing interest in private sector investment in forestry and landscapes across the globe. A new level has been reached in terms of interest in finance for development and environment, the event showed, proving that investment in forest land is here

classic cars alternative investments

Investors are increasingly looking beyond traditional collectibles and turning to classic cars as an alternative source of investment, according to recent research. The study, which was conducted by classic car insurance broker Footman James, revealed that more than one fifth of the 2,000 UK adults polled are considering buying a

tropical forest

Highlighting the importance of maintaining a strong and healthy forest industry across the globe, the World Bank has recently approved a grant totalling $22 million to boost the management of Indonesia’s tropical forests. Indonesia’s forest cover, which is the third largest in the world, is to benefit from the grant,

Forest FAO EU

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the European Union (EU) have confirmed that they will work together to lend support to countries that produce tropical timber, helping to curb illegal logging and boost forest governance. Under the new agreement, which totals an investment of $30 million, the