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urban trees

This week’s United Nations World Environment Day has called attention to the need for tree planting and proper forest management across the globe, citing ‘urban forestry’ as its new buzzword. The event is held each year in a bid to boost awareness about the need for environmental protection and to

us real estate chinese investors

According to new research, Chinese nationals have become major players in the US real estate investment sector, accounting for the largest proportion of foreign purchases of US property. On the hunt for safe offshore assets, Chinese buyers have injected billions into the US real estate market, with a major surge

asset management

Using data from advisers in order to influence investment decisions is an issue over which asset managers remain split, despite a recent report from a major regulator which praised firms for analysing in "smarter ways". The Financial Conduct Authority published a report last month which detailed the ways in which


After losing cash and clients over the last few years, the oil industry has begun to rally and managers are seeking a major uptick in interest from investors. So far this year, around $5 billion has flowed back into long-suffering commodities hedge funds, with the first three months of the