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According to new research, the majority of US commercial real estate executives predict 'solid prospects' for their sector over the coming year. The 2016 Commercial Real Estate Outlook survey, which was carried out by commercial lending and leasing services provider CIT Group and overseen by Forbes Insights, found that the

commercial forestry

The chairman of a sustainable investment organisation has said that investing in commercial forestry is a good move for businesses, who will see that tackling climate change and stopping deforestation can also be profitable. Eric Bettelheim, CEO and chairman of Floresta Singapore, which works to demonstrate that private sector investment

Tokyo Stock Exchange Structured Products

Japanese investors are moving away from negative rates and heading instead towards more structured products internationally, according to Bank of America Corporation. Assets such as debt backed by pools of loans are attracting Japanese institutions, the corporation said, citing the example of Norinchukin Bank, which recently snapped up over $2.9

iron ore prices

Iron ore production targets are being cut by some of the biggest iron ore miners in the world, and the move looks set to lead to price rises in the sector. The third-biggest producer of iron ore in the world, BHP Billiton, announced last week that it was to lower