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Wisconsin forest

New legislation has been signed that looks set to change the managed forest programme in one US state. This could, in turn, lead to changes for forest management — and forestry investors — across the country. Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin has recently signed Senate Bill 434, which will enable

british colombia real estate

Wealthy real estate investors in British Colombia are making use of a loophole to avoid paying property transfer tax. However, the Government has confirmed it is looking to stamp this practice out. The real estate market in British Columbia is booming at the moment and is bringing millions of dollars

oil prices commodities

Oil stocks are rumoured to be one of the top investments for 2016, according to experts in the field. For those investors who are considering options that allow them to buy low, oil stocks are more tempting than ever, with oil prices sitting at their lowest levels since the 1990s.

The Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation lidar

NASA has announced the development of a new Satellite laser mapping technology which will allow the structure of forests – and their carbon capture rates – to be measured for the first time. A laser will be sent into space by America’s space agency in 2018, which will be able