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sustainable forestry investment

Sustainable investors will be interested to know that the US Green Building Council (USGBC) has confirmed it is to give credit to the timber produced from forests that are sustainably certified. The council has confirmed that it is to encourage a higher rate of responsibly sourced building across the US

australia real estate

According to new data from the Foreign Investment Review Board, interest from international investors in Australian real estate has soared by a massive 75 per cent over the last financial year. The data showed that the value of foreign investment approvals for residential real estate in the country grew by

bigleaf maple

Timber investors will be interested to learn that a landmark discovery and court case have paved the way to stamp out one of the sector’s biggest threats to income – timber theft. The US Government has been able to convict timber thieves using a new technique developed by the forest

corporate bonds

Investors across the US are fearful that competition for corporate bonds could grow following a clampdown on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) by the US Government. There is great potential that the demand for corporate bonds could intensify because of the major impact that mergers and acquisitions have come to have