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A national British investment body has called on the government to dedicate £2 billion to a fund aimed at promoting an "inclusive and sustainable economy", with the goal of aligning institutional investors' capital to the United Nations' sustainable development promises. The call was one of 15 recommendations put forward in

The CEO of Chinese state-controlled mining firm MMG has stated that the nation is "hungry" for new investment in the mining sector, with the company set to be one of the main sources of funding. MMG Ltd, the international mining arm of state-owned China Minmetals Corp, has been selected as

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private equity

The growing technology industry is creating new opportunities for lucrative private investments and a new breed of trust is allowing more liquid investments to take place. This is according to several high-profile asset managers as quoted in a recent Financial Times article on the topic. Private equity investments in unquoted

modligliani art investment

A new firm could help investors to more reliably predict returns on investment when purchasing works of art. Arthena is a start-up firm based in New York, which has attracted the backing of Y Combinator, Beamonte Investments and Foundation Capital and is working alongside Charles Schwab brokerage. It uses big

christmas tree demand

Investing in the business of growing Christmas trees could be a savvy move as demand for ‘greener’ real Christmas trees continues to outstrip supply. There has been much media coverage, this festive season, of the continuing shortage of Christmas trees. The supply problems stem from the fact that growers had

student accommodation investment

Students property investment has significant increased in the past 12 months thanks to a weak post-Brexit pound and the high occupancy levels offered by many of the UK’s university towns. According to a recent analysis conducted by Savills, investment in student property is set to reach £5.3 billion by the