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Better governance standards across the alternative investment industry could be drawing much closer following the signing of an agreement between The International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds (IFSWF) and the Hedge Fund Standards Board (HFSB). The Hedge Fund Standards Board – an organisation that works with more than 100 major

forestry investment hits the #100 billion mark

The presence of forestry on the global investment stage has grown so much that the investment class has now surpassed $100 billion, according to a sustainable real assets investment specialist. Figures from the Sydney-based specialist, New Forests, have revealed that institutional forestry investment – which comprises direct investments, funds, and

real estate and classic cars investment

According to a new report, prime residential real estate and classic cars remain solid investments even in the face of geopolitical instability and stock market volatility. Douglas Elliman and Knight Frank’s The Wealth Report 2016 found that, while many asset classes have seen negligible appreciation over the course of the

private equity growth

According to new research, the majority of institutional investors are planning to boost their allocation to private equity over the next five years, proving the strength of the asset class. The survey of 118 worldwide institutional investors was carried out by financial firm State Street Global Exchange and found that