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private equity investment

Private equity investment has never been short of attention. For institutional investors in particular, the pull of private equity as a supposedly less volatile route to profit is still strong. As global upheaval grows – a recent Citi Research report suggested that geopolitical unrest is at a 25-year high –

marvel avengers & fantastic four comics

Choosing art and collectibles as an alternative investment vehicle for your cash can be a fun, as well as potentially lucrative, approach to growing your money. Once seen as a route open only to the very wealthy, there are now ways to make smaller investments in art and collectibles without

Amedeo Modligliani's Nu Couché

With art prices soaring, this creative commodity is seeing interest from investors skyrocket, but art experts are warning that it is essential to keep an eye on the longevity of the investment. Art investment has been attracting increasing global attention in recent months following the sale of an oil painting

Lithium - a commodity in demand by technology

Commodities have seen a lot of action lately and it certainly hasn’t all been good. Things have, however, started to calm down a little and US crude was trading 57 cents up on Wednesday (9 December) at $38.07 a barrel, while Brent was up to $40.74. But mining stocks were