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private equity as alternative asset

Private equity is one of the alternative asset classes offering diversification from bonds and stocks. It has traditionally been centred on leveraged buyouts – where the buyer funds the purchase price through borrowing, using the target company’s assets as collateral. However tougher economic conditions and tighter regulatory frameworks have restrained leveraged financial engineering and investors have consequently had to settle for lower returns in many situations.

Venture capital investing, which is non-leveraged private equity investment in a business usually at a seed, early or formative stage (though can also be at a later stage), has seen a high level of growth over the past 15 years or so. Where the investments are made at an early stage in the company’s life cycle, the business models are often unproven and venture capitalists are consequently seeking substantial growth projections.  MORE….

alternative investment india

Investors in India are putting more and more cash into alternative investments, according to a new report from Preqin. There is now some US$43bn invested across a range of alternative asset classes in the country. These include private equity, hedge funds, private debt, real estate, venture capital and infrastructure. Although

private equity

The growing technology industry is creating new opportunities for lucrative private investments and a new breed of trust is allowing more liquid investments to take place. This is according to several high-profile asset managers as quoted in a recent Financial Times article on the topic. Private equity investments in unquoted

pharmaceuticals investment

The pharmaceuticals and chemistry industry in the UK has continued to grow in the third quarter of 2017, with around 13 per cent of firms reporting an increase in sales in the three months to September. According to the Chemical Industries Association, the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries already add £14.4

Silk Road China

Chinese investment in countries that are part of the 'Belt and Road' initiative are increasing speedily, despite a Beijing crackdown on China's acquisitions abroad in an effort to restrict capital outflow. By the latest reports, Chinese acquisitions in the 68 countries that are officially linked to President Xi Jinping's foreign

Last year, private equity investments into central Europe reached their highest level since the financial crisis in 2009, according to a new report from Invest Europe (formerly the European Private Equity & Venture Capital Association). Hitting a new high of €1.6 billion, the private equity market surpassed the figures from

asian stockmarket

Investors who chose to invest in Asia Pacific equities following the EU referendum will have received greater returns than those who invested in commodities in the past year, according to recent analysis of the markets. According to research conducted by investment firm Fidelity International, Asia Pacific equities delivered 36.89 per


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