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GWD Forestry

GWD Forestry was established in 2008 to build sustainable forestry plantations in Brazil. It has since grown to become a substantial forestry operator with over 7,000 hectares of land planted across Europe, Brazil and Canada. The main focus of the Brazilian forestry operation is the state of Bahia and in Canada, forestry operations are centred in New Brunswick.

The company offers direct investment into sustainably-managed forestry plantations allowing both smaller and institutional investors an affordable entry point into the industry.

Annual returns are generated from production of timber, timber products and of agro-forestry crops in both emerging and developed economies.

With a support network of companies located in Portugal and Mallorca and affiliate offices in Europe and Asia, GWD Forestry can offer its services in a range of languages.

GWD Forestry plantation Brazil
A GWD Forestry plantation in the Bahia region of Brazil


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