Germany and UK 'most attractive countries for real estate investment'

Germany is the most attractive target for real estate investment in the EMEA thanks to its stable and transparent investment environment.

In a new report from property consulting firm CBRE, the current investment trends for the real estate sector revealed that Germany continues to be the preferred destination for real estate in the EMEA region at 22 per cent of 1,968 global respondents. Meanwhile, the UK was preferred by 20 per cent of respondents.

According to the report, Germany was favoured thanks to its stable geopolitical environment and stable economic future, with both Germany and the UK's markets both enjoying relatively high liquidity and transparency.

The report also highlighted the increased popularity of the Nordics, which is now cited by 10 per cent of respondents as the most attractive real estate investment market.

The markets across the region are reportedly favoured, in part, for their good risk-profiles, with regional investment standing 66 per cent about the ten year average.

The research also explored the main motivations behind real estate investment, with 30.1 per cent of respondents citing the relative attractive risk/return profile of real estate assets as their top reason. The second most popular reason for investor interest in real estate was cited by 20.8 of respondents as the nature of established market with high liquidity/transparency.

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