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structured financial products

Structured products offer an interesting option for alternative asset investors. They enable investors to invest in the performance of a range of funds with a relatively small minimum input and offer a useful tool for retail investors looking for easy access to derivatives.

Structured products were initially developed as a financial product in response to calls from businesses who wanted a system to allow them to issue debt more cheaply. From here, investment banks added additional features to a basic convertible bond to create the potential for investment strategies to be explored …More

Investec Wealth and Investment (IW&I) is launching two new investment platforms that give its clients access to structured product portfolios. The investment management firm’s Structured Product Service (SPS) gives “wealthier clients of financial advisers” a choice of two pre-determined portfolios offering different levels of risk and return. Minimum investment for

Harry Triguboff - Structured Products

Australia’s richest man, Harry Triguboff, has been extolling the virtues of investing in structured products, despite ongoing turbulence across the country’s mortgage market and economy as a whole. Eighty-three year old Mr Triguboff – the founder of the Meriton high-rise apartment block empire – is positive about the future prospects


Structured Products